• KG through 3rd grade Girls Monday Dress Uniform
  • Boys Monday Dress Uniform
  • 4th and 5th Grade Girls Monday Dress Uniform
  • Girls Tuesday through Friday uniforms
  • Boys Tuesday through Friday uniforms
  • Friday Spirit Shirt
  • Friday Spirit Shirt

School Uniform Policy

The Winston Academy uniform is worn as a symbol of school pride and unity and is required every day.  

It reduces distractions during the school day and keeps the students focused on academics. 

Uniforms are required every day. 

In order to retain and enhance the integrity of the dress code, the following expectations have been established: 

Uniform Vendors: Risse Brothers and Winston Academy PTA are the preferred vendors of Winston Academy of Engineering for school uniforms.

Dress Uniforms: Dress uniforms are required every Monday from August through May. Dress uniform days may also be announced at other times throughout the school year.

Girls in grades K-3: White Peter Pan collar blouse with green x-tie and a plaid jumper with gym shorts underneath.

Girls in grades 4-5: May choose to wear K-3 attire described above or a plaid skort with a white WAE oxford cloth shirt.  Peter Pan collared shirts may not be worn with the plaid skort/skirt. 

Boys in all grades: Blue pin striped WAE oxford cloth shirt and navy-blue uniform pants or shorts.

Tuesday through Friday Uniforms: Children may choose to wear their dress uniform as described above or

Girls: plaid shorts or skorts, or navy shorts, skirts, skorts or navy pants with royal blue or grey WAE polo shirt.  Capri pants, Leggings/Jeggings and double layered Scooter skirts are not allowed. 

Boys: Navy shorts or pants with royal blue or grey WAE polo shirt.  Cargo shorts or cargo pants are not allowed.

Neatness & Cleanliness: Uniforms should be clean and in good condition with shirts tucked in at all times. Students should come to school with clean bodies.   

Tops: All tops must be uniform tops: grey or royal blue polo shirts; blue pin stripe (boys) or white oxford cloth shirt (girls) with a school logo.  White short sleeve undershirts are the only permissible undershirts.

Spirit Shirts: Spirit shirts must be purchased from Winston Academy PTA and may only be worn on Fridays. 

Club Shirts: WAE Club shirts may only be worn on Fridays.

Bottoms: Shorts/skort length must meet the tips of the student’s fingers when arms are extended and must be made of cotton twill fabric. Cotton knit bottoms are not acceptable.  Bottoms must be the appropriate size and worn at the waist.  Skorts and skirts may not be rolled at the waist.  It is suggested that girls wear athletic shorts under their jumpers and skirts.  These shorts must not be visible.  Girl’s bottoms must be navy or WAE plaid only.  Boy’s bottoms must be navy only.

Shoes: Shoes may be purchased at the store of your choice. Both girls and boys must wear tennis shoes or rubber-soled shoes with the uniform.  Shoes must be tied/fastened tight at all times. 

All shoes must be CLOSED TOE and CLOSED HEEL.

No high heels, toe shoes, lighted, skate shoes, platform, or boots are permitted.

Shoes may not have bright or flashy patterns or animated figures.

Neon or bright colors may not be the dominant color of the shoe.

Shoes must be conservative and matching.

Belts: Solid, neutral colored (brown, navy, or black) belts must be worn with shorts or pants. Brightly colored or neon-colored belts, decorative belts, and large buckles may not be worn. 

Socks: Socks must be plain white, black, grey, or navySocks cannot have visible logos.  Ankle or calf length socks must be plain white, black, grey, or navy.  Sport socks that go to the knees are unacceptable.  Girl’s hosiery/tights may only be plain white, black, grey, or navy, and must be closed toedLeggings or Jeggings of any kind are not allowed

Cool days & Cold Weather Conditions: If the news reports that it is a very cold morning (below 50 degrees), students may wear a non-uniform jacket on top of their uniform. Once school begins, all non-uniform jackets must be left inside the students’ backpack or classroom.  Additionally, students may choose to wear a plain, solid white or black colored turtleneck or a plain, solid white or a black colored long sleeve shirt to wear as an undershirt for added warmth.  Jeans are not allowed.  Students may wear long navy uniform pants for warmth.

Jackets: The vendors for all jackets are Risse Brothers or Winston Academy PTA. All navy outer garments must have an embroidered school logo and are the only acceptable outer garments.  Hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweaters of any kind are unacceptable. 

Field Trip Attire: The school and teachers will provide information specific to each field trip and the attire appropriate for the specific event or activity scheduled.  Students are expected to follow the dress code expectations and be an attentive, responsible, and respectful representative of WAE.                                                                                                                                                  

Special Dress Days:

PBS Reward Days that allow for special dress out (i.e. Book Character Dress-Up Day, Nerd Day, etc.) are scheduled periodically and students’ attire must be appropriate for school and should meet the dress code expectations. Information regarding these specific dress out days will be provided through the school and classroom teachers.  These are not to be considered a No Uniform Day.

Nut Day Passes and Jeans Days are allowed only on pre-approved school days for special events and activities and families will be notified prior to the event. (i.e. PTA Nut Days and United Way Jeans Days)

Earrings/Jewelry: Expensive and/or excessive jewelry such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets are not recommended due to distractibility, safety, and the chance of loss. Young men are not allowed to wear earrings.  Earrings for young ladies must be smaller than a dime. No other piercings are permitted.  Necklaces with pendants larger than a quarter are not allowed.    

Hair: All students should have clean and well-groomed hair each day.

Boys: Young gentlemen’s hair length may not exceed the top of the collar or obscure vision in any way.

Girls: Bangs may not be worn below the eyebrows. Beads or hair ornaments that obscure vision or otherwise provide distraction to the wearer or other students are not allowed. 

No colored hair, such as green or blue, no numbers, designs, Mohawks, Faux-hawks, spikes, and no side-haircuts, nor side shavings, nor undercuts or writing may be shaved into the hair.

Hair accessories, including beads, must be minimal and must be neutral or uniform colors (navy, white, grey, or royal blue).  Any hair extensions must be a natural hair color.

Make-up/Nails/Tattoos: Make-up, nail polish, and body glitter are not permitted. Tattoos, artificial nails, and other distracting body art are not permitted. 

Backpacks: For safety purposes, backpacks on wheels are not allowed.

Dress code infractions: All students are expected to fully comply daily with the required uniform dress code, as agreed upon by parent/guardian signature of the Winston Academy Contract.

Parents/Visitors: You are helping us to set the proper example for our students. Please dress appropriately when visiting the school or chaperoning field trips. 

School administrators will determine if a student’s appearance is appropriate for school and in compliance with the school uniform policy.

Winston Wardrobe Shop: 

Winston Academy has a wardrobe shop where Parents/Guardians may purchase new and gently used uniforms. Orders may be be placed via the following link: https://waewardrobe.square.site/