Winston Academy of Engineering (WAE) prides itself on our long and rich historical background.  The years from 1928 through 1954 were known as the “strawberry” school years.  Since many families were poor during this time, the children would help harvest strawberries during the winter and only attended school during the summer months.  The first school constructed in approximately 1900 was a one-room building.  It was demolished in 1928 to accommodate the first brick unit.  This unit consisted of an office, auditorium, and a library.  In April 2002, this building was dubbed a National Historical Monument.  The book The Strawberry Girl was written about the area where Winston Academy is located.  In 2013, Winston Elementary transitioned into an engineering-themed, STEM-focused magnet school with a direct feeder pattern into the highly desirable magnet program at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy.