Winston Academy of Engineering is a family partnership and community that is committed to the success of our students!

Parent Portal:

Parents can now access their student’s information from any computer with an internet connection. Parent Portal allows parents to check current grades, obtain immunization status, learn if their child had any recorded discipline or attendance issues throughout the day, check their child’s current lunch account balance, and even see what their child purchased in the lunchroom, all before their child comes home from school. Click here for more information on this exciting new service!  


Child Safety:

The most common preventable ways babies and young children die are from drowning, preventable crib death, and being left with caretakers that have anger management issues and are not suited to caring for a child.  In the past three years in Polk County, 36 children have died due to unsafe sleep (17) or drowning (18).  Each year, these deaths account for more than 50% of all childhood deaths, both preventable and non-preventable.  

The Department of Children and Families has a great brochure for preventing the three most common causes of childhood death:  water safety, safe sleep, and controlling emotions/anger in caretakers.  Please take a few moments to review this information.  

Childhood Fatality Prevention.English

Childhood Fatality Prevention.Spanish

Summer Safety Tips English


School Supplies:


3– Composition wide ruled notebooks

2 – 2 pocket folders with brads (1 of each – yellow and blue)

2 – Dozen Ticonderoga Primary or Tri-Write pencils (Pre-sharpened)

2- Large pink erasers (block style)

1- Pair of Fiskars scissors

3- Boxes of crayons (24 pack)

4 – Glue sticks

1- Binder pencil pouch

1- Pack of FINE TIP dry erase markers

1- Set of over ear headphones

1- Box of tissues

1-10-12 oz. bottle of hand sanitizer

1- Package resealable baby wipes

1- Clorox wipes


1- Box of gallon size bags


1- Box of quart size bags

1st Grade:   

2 Single Subject spiral notebook (1 each-yellow, red) 

1- Package Crayola twistable crayons 

2-Dozen Ticonderoga Primary or Tri-Write (Pre-sharpened pencils)

6- Large Elmer’s Glue sticks

1-Large bottle of Elmer’s Glue

4- 16 count Crayola crayons

2 – Plastic 2 pocket folders with brads (Blue and Red)

4- Large Pink Erasers 

1- Pair headphones (may have to be replaced – preferably no earbuds)

2- Composition notebooks

1 pack- Expo markers

1- Zippered pencil pouch

1-Package of sheet protectors


1- Hand Sanitizer (large bottle)

1- Box gallon size Ziploc storage bags

2- Canister Clorox disinfectant wipes

1- Container of Baby Wipes


1- Hand Sanitizer (large bottle)

2- Canister Clorox disinfectant wipes

2- Boxes of Kleenex tissues

2- Boxes of quart size Ziploc bags

2nd Grade:

4- Plastic 2 pocket folders with brads

     (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue– NO designs/names)

4- WIDE RULE spiral notebooks

    (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue– NO designs /names)

2- ½ size Primary Composition Notebooks

2- Packs of 24 crayons (Crayola please)

3- Dozen #2 Ticonderoga Pencils (pre-sharpened please)

2- Jumbo glue sticks

1- Bottle of glue

2- Pink erasers (block style)

2- Packs of index cards (any size/color)

2- Packs of sticky notes (any size/ color)

2- Black Expo dry erase markers

1- Pair of headphones (may need to be replaced)

1- Zippered pencil POUCH with name (no boxes please)

1- Canister of disinfectant wipes

1- Box of Tissue


1- Box of gallon sized storage bags 

1- Package of baby wipes

1- Pack of Cardstock


1- Box of quart sized storage bags

1- Pack of 20 count economy sheet protectors

1- Hand Sanitizer (large)

3rd Grade:

1- 24 pack crayons

4- Spiral notebooks (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green)

4- 2 Pocket folders w/brads (Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green)

4- Dozen #2 Ticonderoga pencils (pre-sharpened)

4- Black dry erase markers

1- Composition notebook (wide ruled)

1- Pack of loose-leaf paper- wide ruled

6- Big pink erasers (not cap erasers)

4- Large glue sticks

1- Pack of sticky notes

1- Zippered pencil pouch

1- Pair of good quality earbuds (will be kept in pencil pouch)

1- Container of disinfectant wipes


2- Boxes of tissues

1 Box of Gallon Ziplocs


1-Large bottle of hand sanitizer

1-1 Box of Quart Ziplocs

4th Grade:

8-Composition Books (for all subjects)

1-Bound Graphing Notebook

1-Divider Tab (5-pack)

1-1” White Binder with clear insert

5 -2 Pocket Folders with Brads (1 of each Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Black)

1-package 25 count sheet protectors

2- packs loose leaf paper

3-Dozen Pre-Sharpened Ticonderoga pencils

1-Box of Crayola Erasable Colored pencils

8-Post-It Notes

1-Pack Multi Color Highlighters

2- 4 Pack Expo Dry Erase Markers (black only)

1- Pencil Box (to be kept at school)

1- Package of cap erasers

1-Handheld Pencil Sharpener

1-Pack Ruled Index Cards



1-Container of Disinfectant Wipes

1-Box Gallon sized storage Bags


1- 20 oz. Hand Sanitizer

3 -Boxes of Tissues

5th Grade:

 1- Case-it Strap 2-inch binder with built-in tab file and pencil pouch (can have either a zipper or Velcro closure – does not have to be the Case-it brand, but should have the pencil pouch and built-in file pockets)

1- Earbuds

4- Composition books – wide ruled only

1-graphing composition book

2- Pocket folders (no plastic)

5- Packs of loose-leaf paper – wide ruled only

5-Packs of lined index cards

4- Dozen #2 pencils (pre-sharpened/no mechanicals)

2- Block erasers (no cap erasers)

1- Package skinny markers

2- Yellow highlighters

4- Black dry erase markers

2- Packs of Post-It sticky notes

2- Glue sticks

1- Package colored pencils


1- Boxes of tissues

1- Hand sanitizer

1- Package quart size baggies


2- Package baby wipes or disinfectant wipes

1- Package gallon size baggies