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November Family Engineering Challenge


Design a flight plate falcon that will fly at least 10 feet while following the constraints below.


  1. Choose a type of plate for your falcon (paper, foam, etc.)
  2. Cut out the falcon template and attach.  Click here for the full-size template.  
  3. Attach weight that is no larger than a penny to the nose of the falcon.
  4. Measure ten feet outside. Test your flight plate falcon.
  5. If your falcon does not fly 10 feet make adjustments until it becomes successful.
  6. Record your data.
  7. Return to school with your data collection sheet by November 20th.
  8. You will test your flight plate falcon against your classmates. The winner will compete grade level wide to determine a champion!


  • Plate
  • Falcon template
  • Weight
  • Tape/Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape measurer